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Join a community of developers who want to build a simpler, more resilient web.

Attend live training events, get answers to your web development questions, and connect with other like-minded developers.

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Don’t go it alone! Get expert advice.

The web is littered with out-of-date blog posts, vague or passive-aggressive answers on Stack Overflow, and tutorials that assume you have a degree in Computer Science.

Imagine having a community of supportive developers and experts that you could turn to when you need help.

The Lean Web Club is a membership community for developers (both current and aspiring) who want to build a simpler, more resilient web.

When you join the Lean Web Club, you get...

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to a vibrant Slack community
  • Invitations to live Q&A and training events
  • Access to recording of all past events
  • A trove of free bonus gifts to help accelerate your learning
Clarity. Brevity. Unpretentious explanation. Care for best practices. Obvious attentiveness. Available to help "unstuck" students. You actually rock, Chris.- Kabolobari Benakole

The Slack Community

Get exclusive 24/7 access to a vibrant Slack team, where you can chat with other like-minded developers, get feedback on code, ask questions, and share the latest tips, tricks, and strategies for using modern JavaScript.

Recent questions include things like...

  • How do I keep two identical forms on a page in sync with vanilla JS?
  • I just learned about getters and setters. Why should I use them instead of accessing properties directly?
  • How do I convert an object of data into an array with a subset of properties?
  • How do I share state between a handful of components with vanilla JS?
  • How do you manage constantly out-of-date dependencies on older projects?
  • What is currying, and when and why would I use it?
  • Do you think the AI hype will be a flash in the pan?
  • How do I convince senior developer leadership to prioritize accessibility?

You’ll also find cute pet photos, chats about pop culture, travel stories, and more!

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Live Training Events

Every month, I host live online events that include a mix of Q&A, live coding, and conversations with experts.

These are great opportunity to ask questions, share code, and dig deeper into topics.

If you can’t attend, events are recorded so you can watch them whenever you want. You also get access to recordings of all of the past events.

Live training events include automated audio transcription for people who are hearing impaired, don’t speak English as their native language, or simply prefer to read.

Wanting to learn JavaScript from scratch, make the transition from jQuery or some other library? Already pretty competent and just want to get better?

Chris Ferdinandi has got your back and his learning platform is a *tremendously good value*.- Jonathan Schofield

Accelerate your learning with free bonus gifts

To help accelerate your learning, you’ll also get $673 in free bonus gifts…

  • Watch me live-code vanilla JS projects with the Vanilla JS Live-Code Series. Follow along, try it yourself first, or dig into the completed source code for over a dozen projects. Valued at $249.
  • Get hands-on learning with real projects with the Project Bundle. You get starter templates, helpful tips and resources, and step-by-step tutorials. Valued at $149.
  • Learn how to build insanely fast WordPress sites with Wicked Fast Websites. You’ll learn how to measure performance, reduce page weight, and make simple server optimizations. Valued at $39.
  • Learn how to write resumes that get seen by an actual human, navigate the interview process, and more with my Web Developer Career Guide. Valued at $39.
  • Watch my webinar on my favorite vanilla JS methods, browser APIs, and coding techniques. Valued at $39.
  • Get access to 8 bonus projects normally only available to Vanilla JS Academy alumni. Valued at $99.
  • Read my manifesto on building a simpler, more resilient web, The Lean Web, in downloadable ebook format. Valued at $29.
  • Get a copy of the Best of Go Make Things, a collection of the best articles from my newsletter. Valued at $19.

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t put off joining this amazing community of developers! If you’re not 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

Hi, I'm Chris Ferdinandi. 👋

Chris Ferdinandi

I help people learn vanilla JavaScript, and I believe there’s a simpler, more resilient way to make things for the web.

I’ve taught developers at organizations like Salesforce and the Boston Globe, and my JavaScript libraries have been used by organizations like Apple and Harvard Business School. My developer tips newsletter is read by over 14k developers each weekday.

I want to help you master vanilla JavaScript, without all of the painful false starts and roadblocks I encountered when I was learning.

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Join a supportive community of developers who want to build a simpler, more resilient web.

  • Exclusive 24/7 access to a vibrant Slack community
  • Invitations to live Q&A and training events
  • Access to recording of all past events
  • A trove of free bonus gifts to help accelerate your learning

Or get Lifetime Access for just $795

Join over 1,870 other developers. After joining, create an account in the membership portal to get Slack access, view events, and download your bonus gifts.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it had not been for you, I would not be able to learn JavaScript.- Patricia Parker
Having your interaction is priceless. Such added value.- Elliott Porter
We need more people like Chris, who not only have this mindset that we need to stick to the basics of JavaScript, but are willing to evangelize it.- David Walsh
Can you actually create a website without JS frameworks? Yes! Here's a collection of resources to get started.- Ed Rivas
God, you're amazing... I'm learning so much from you.- Mojtaba Seyedi, Front End Developer
I recommend Chris Ferdinandi to all JavaScript learners :)- Alex Muraro
Shout out to Chris Ferdinandi's blog that keeps coming up whenever I google anything vanilla JS. Nice little tips every day.- Wes Bos

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Hate the complexity of modern front‑end web development? I send out a short email each weekday on how to build a simpler, more resilient web. Join over 14k others.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to send me an email at